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BARBI Bristol - British Association of Restaurants, Bars & Independents was set up in 2016 and has been helping Bristol's Hospitality Industry since its conception.

Over 400 venues are signed up to the association with 10,000 employees within the group.

We have hosted many networking events & parties for the hospitality industry and helped support them in anyway we can.

Why US

Our new app has been built by Bristol, for Bristol to support Bristol's Independent Hospitality Industry. We built this app as the high commissions charged by the leading delivery companies to the venues just isn't sustainable for many and is strangling their businesses. By charging a fair % on the commissions we are keeping these venues open, keeping people in jobs & keeping Bristol's Independent food & drink scene alive.






Frequently Asked Questions

1What restaurants do you have on BARBI?

BARBI exists to support the best independent and small venues in Bristol. We have a wide ranging variety of cuisine on the app.

2 When can I order?

We deliver all times of day. The restaurants that are available will depend on their opening hours. Just take a look at the app to see what restaurants are available at the time you wish to order.

3 How does the food get to me?

Once you have made an order and the restaurant have accepted, a driver/rider will be assigned to pick up your food and deliver it to you.

4Is there a minimum spend?

Yes, we have a minimum spending amount of £15 on the BARBI App.

5Can I collect my order?

Yes, there is an option in the app to allow you to collect your order from the restaurant.

6No Contact Delivery

All deliveries will be made using No Contact Delivery. Customers will receive a notification once food has arrived with the driver placing food outside the door and standing a safe distance back to ensure the food is retrieved in order to complete the delivery on the app.

7Best Safety Standards

We will only allow restaurants with a Food Standards Agency (FSA) rating of 3 and above to be able to showcase their products through our app. All food is delivered in accordance with the current Covid guidelines to ensure social distancing and contact free delivery.

8Delivery Partner Safety

Our delivery partners are provided with full training in use of our app as well as an emergency contact number for any issues that may arise. As a local app our offices are always open for any drivers to attend with any issues they may have for socially distanced meetings if and when required.

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